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  • Web-Based Administration
  • Web-Based Reports
  • Quick Check Out
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Credit,Debit,Gift
  • Customers,Vendors
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Integrated eCommerce
  • Create and Print Bar Codes
  • Employee Time Clock
  • More...
  • Touch Tablet Compatible

    Inspiron Duo

    Perfect for mobile sales,physical inventory,inventory receiving,customer enrollment and more..

    Signature Pad Compatible


    Put some Blue in your cloud..

    Blue Sky POS™ is an easy to use point-of-sale system used by thousands of retailers. Its unique “quick sell” design eliminates the need for keyboard operation found in most POS programs.

    And with the intuitive “on demand” customer service and marketing tools you can focus on building your customer loyalty instead of trying to figure out this month’s sales tax.  

    Blue Sky POS combines the best of Cloud computing or SaaS (”Software as a Service”) with traditional on-site application design. You can administer your store locations from any browser,desktop or mobile device around the globe 24×7×365. Learn more..